songs written before jumping out of an 8 story window

by I'm Dead Inside

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released March 10, 2014

Recorded by NO ONE Mastered by NO ONE
Coming Soon on Cassette from Blackbox Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: you die in a car crash while trying to make me feel better but I still feel like shit
Theres blackbirds on a wire,
looking at everything, they see everything,
they see the fire in these bones,
i just see the blackbirds on the wire
help me, help me,
a cadence thundered down
to fall upon everything,
Ive let my self down more than anything.
Track Name: no one can hear you my parents are out of town
So many things
I'm trying to be
but the silence
is louder than me
all I can hear
is nothing but silence

It's crushing me
Track Name: 7th grade in the same room make outs
Hobbling forth on broken limbs
The wounds gape and weep
as do my own eyes
Inside I'm feeling like
an old tree with few leaves left
Decrepit and gnarled branches
Decaying and soon to fall down to the earth
Such is the nature of this existence

I wasn't meant to grow in this land..only wither and die